Project Managers Are Essential in ICT Projects

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Project Managers Are Essential in ICT Projects

In recent years, the rapid progress of science and technology has cemented ICT as an indispensable part of our society. In fact, a study by the International Data Corporation (IDC) forecasts an accelerated increase in worldwide ICT spending over the next two years, with a predicted figure of almost $6,000,000 in 2023. Given the considerable increase in ICT spending, there will undoubtedly be more ICT projects in place to implement and improve existing infrastructure. Naturally, this will result in a higher demand for high-quality project management. Within a project, there are often three key aspects involved – time, budget, and scope. Besides this golden triangle, there are also other concerns, such as team coordination, team motivation, identification of stakeholders, and risk management, to name a few. Good project management allows the smooth integration of all these factors, producing these benefits:

1)   Clear Focus on the Right Objectives

Even the largest-scale project can be made possible, by breaking it down into smaller, actionable tasks which can be delegated to the right specialists. Although a project lead is responsible for spearheading the project, a Project Manager is essential to ensure that everyone can stay focused on their piece of the bigger picture.

Too often, each specialist (be it the architect, cable installer, etc) can be too caught up in the individual tasks that they neglect to consider the whole picture or important goals required by the organization. For example, the electrical engineer may fail to consider the needs of the ICT designer. As such, project management is required to structure and align the project objectives with all involved personnel to fit the client company’s vision and mission.

2)   Reduce or Prevent Overall Risks

Every project comes with its risks, that can quickly spiral out of control if left unchecked or mismanaged. These include additional expenses, scheduling errors, workload changes, team conflicts, and any other issues that may result in delays and the inability to deliver.

Good project management is able to identify these risks and implement the necessary measures to mitigate or prevent them. For example, exceptional Project Managers are capable of using various tools to supervise individual progress, or knowing which work to prioritize first in the event of limited resources. Deadlines, costs, and resources can be better managed in the event of unforeseen circumstances, to prevent a project from being severely overdue or over budget. A project plan can also be created, containing all necessary information such as expected deliverables, stakeholder expectations, and project timeline with realistic milestones.

With appropriate planning and management, unwanted situations are minimized, reducing the probability of the project going off-track.

3)   Improve Quality and Performance

Project management enables smarter, better, and informed decision-making that is driven by data records and strategic planning. This is especially crucial where money decisions are concerned. Financial mismanagement has traditionally been the biggest cause of concern for any project. With the right management, all cash flows are allocated accordingly and well-documented, saving both time and money in the long run. Project management is also essential to boost team morale and strengthen communication. A survey by the McKinsey Global Institute shows that well-connected employees outperform their disconnected colleagues by 20% to 25%. Good Project Managers will always be open to team feedback and constructive criticism, with a focus on enhanced transparency and accountability, which improves collaboration among all personnel. Ultimately, this produces a much greater standard of project quality and performance.   

In conclusion, effective project management is essential in ICT projects- highly increasing the chances of a project being completed on time and on budget, with minimal risks.


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