Why Should You Get RTPM Certified

ICT Telecommunication Project Management

Why Should You Get RTPM Certified

One of the most important, yet overlooked roles in ICT projects is the project manager. However, not all project managers are created equal, the Registered Telecommunications Project Manager (RTPM) is recognized globally as an expert professional in ICT project management standards.

Responsible for both personnel and project management, the job scope of an RTPM includes:

  1. Collecting relevant information for project initiation
  2. Planning the project budget
  3. Establishing good relationships with project stakeholders
  4. Managing deliverables according to expectations and deadlines
  5. Overseeing the entire process of the project until completion

An individual with a BICSI RTPM designation is an expert with high proficiency in the latest ICT project management standards. With their specialized skills, they are more in demand, which often leads to being promoted and better career opportunities. Driven by both ICT and project management competencies, RTPMs understand the importance of continuous certification and learning, which makes their expertise an invaluable asset in any telecommunications project.

Why are RTPMs in High Demand?

While the process of earning this prestigious credential does not come easy, the rewards are surely worth the efforts. RTPMs are a unique brand of project managers, and their presence is key to a successful project outcome. Because of the various nuances and technologies involved in cabling infrastructure, and everyday project manager often finds himself overwhelmed by the technical complexities of managing such a project. In contrast, RTPMs have learned to integrate both project management discipline and deployment of cabling infrastructure into a highly specific skill set. As such, they are distinctively suited to handling and leading telecommunications projects.

From goal-setting to project planning, the presence of RTPMs is crucial for key tasks such as resource determination, budget allocation, scheduling, and work delegation. RTPMs are masters of strategizing a project so that it completes within the client’s specified timeframe without compromising quality. They are responsible for various project aspects such as component procurement, system integration, and quality assurance. They also help mitigate overall risk and minimize unwanted situations such as being over budget or having delays.

Thus, with their highly specialized knowledge, RTPMs are highly sought after to ensure the project’s success.

BICSI’s PM102 Course Helps Prepare You to Become an RTPM!

As the leading credential organization for RTPM, DCDC, DD102, BICSI offers PM102: Applied Telecommunications Project Management course, a five-day course designed for individuals with a minimum of one to two years of experience in project management to be more prepared for the RTPM exam. It offers a comprehensive review of the entire project management cycle, with a special focus on the following features:

  1. Designing a Project Charter
  2. Creating a Project Safety Plan
  3. Project Scheduling
  4. Project Stakeholder Identification
  5. Cost Management – EVM Development
  6. Develop a Procurement Plan
  7. ICT Project Documentation
  8. Build Network Diagrams
  9. Leadership and Team Management

RTPM exam candidates will surely find this PM102 course useful, as will any ICT professional seeking to further develop their career within the project management field (e.g., data center professionals, architects, and engineers). You will also be awarded a certificate of attendance after full five-day participation at the end of the program.

What are you waiting for? Sign up for the PM102 course here and get en route to earning that elite RTPM designation today!

Email us: courses@tecnoviq.academy


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