Why Become a BICSI DCDC Credential Holder

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Why Become a BICSI DCDC Credential Holder

In a world where new data centers are emerging at a rapid pace, it is crucial that all designers, consultants, engineers, and installers are equipped with competitive knowledge to complete a given project while providing the best possible outcome.

At the forefront of every data center client’s requirements is minimal downtime, it not zero downtime, in their facility. This means that meticulous and thorough planning and designing needs to be done in order to achieve optimal performance for the electrical and cooling architectures in data centers.

The ICT infrastructure required must meet the performance needs set by the client. It should be designed and installed in a way that meets the client’s expectations.

All the building support services require careful planning and design to function the way they should. This includes the data center’s security systems, fire detection methods, suppression systems, and not to forget, all day-to-day management systems of the building that are needed to provide for a fully functioning facility.

To start off, a site location must be determined. This requires careful planning and thoughtful consideration, not only for the data center building itself but the surrounding facilities as well.

Moreover, you have to take into consideration the ongoing commissioning of the data center. Commissioning is crucial throughout the construction of the data center, and not just at the completion. Commissioning should not only be taken into account at the end of a project. This is because it is a lot more difficult to go back and make modifications to a completed site as opposed to a site that is still under construction.

As a data center consultant, it is important for you to fully understand the integration of all the documentation, plans, specifications, and construction aspects of the initial design and building of the data center. Moreover, you need to have an in-depth understanding of the ongoing operational management activities of a data center facility.

It is also vital that whilst achieving the above-mentioned requirements, all applicable codes, standards, and industry best practices are complied with fully. This includes meeting all the requirements of, firstly, the client and secondly, all the other services involved in the data center construction. These include the services provided by the consultants, architects, engineers, ICT contractors, security and fire systems personnel, service providers, and much more.

Acquiring the globally recognized BICSI DCDC (Data Centre Design Consultant) credential will give you all the knowledge and skills required to successfully design a data center that meets all the necessary requirements mentioned above. Going forward, you will have the peace of mind of complying with the BICSI 2019-002 data center standard.

Things to Know About the DCDC Credential

The DCDC Credential is:

  • the leading designation in the modern data center market, spanning 29 countries.
  • sought after by multidisciplinary trade professionals.
  • essential in all aspects of the project whether it is new and being done from scratch or just needs an up-gradation.
  • essential to take your skillset to the next level.
  • internationally developed and applied globally.
  • recognized across all major disciplines on an intentional basis.
  • part of a growing and cutting-edge industry.


  • Recognized by the ICT Community and Employers
  • Provides a Unique Skillset to an ICT Designer
  • Uses the Latest Technologies, Methods, and Best Practices
  • Critical in Modern High Bandwidth Applications
  • Engineered by Data Centre Experts
  • Recognized Globally
  • Built With Your Career in Mind
  • Meets the Highest Standards
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