Why ICT Professionals Should Get an RCDD Certification

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Why ICT Professionals Should Get an RCDD Certification

Being a BICSI-certified Registered Communications Distribution Designer (RCDD) is not only highly respected in the ICT community but also globally recognized as a Subject Matter Expert. That is because an RCDD has proven knowledge and experience in the complex workings of cabling infrastructure, being able to create and execute detailed cabling designs for new systems or integrate additional designs into existing infrastructure.

Why are RCDDs in High Demand?

RCDDs are invaluable in ensuring that cabling projects are carried out safely, effectively, and efficiently, because of their knowledge and specializations which are crucial in every phase of the building design process.

During the planning phase, RCDDs evaluate how project specifications (e.g., amount of space needed) will evolve. By factoring this into their design, RCDDs help reduces the number of costly changes that need to be incurred in the future.

RCDDs also oversee a project’s infrastructure installation and provide necessary guidance to ensure that the cabling design is implemented correctly and safely. RCDDs may also choose to make modifications and amendments depending on circumstances.

Upon project completion, the RCDD signs off to enhance credibility, as an indication that the cabling infrastructure has been designed and implemented correctly. Therefore, RCDDs are often considered an essential part of an ICT project and are highly valued and sought after.

How do you become RCDD-Certified? 

It is not an easy feat for one to achieve the RCDD credential, as these criteria must be fulfilled:

Have at least two years of ICT design experience or an equivalent combination of experience, approved education, and industry certifications.

Have extensively perused and are familiar with the award-winning Telecommunications Distribution Methods Manual (TDMM).

Demonstrate competence in performing various design tasks, such as construction drawings and system specifications.

Achieve passing grades in an extensive RCDD examination, which requires a wide range of knowledge.

Even after fulfilling the above criteria, RCDDs are expected to constantly stay up-to-date with the latest best practices and standards, including those established and contributed by the American Institute of Architects (AIA), American National Standards Institute (ANSI), Building Industry Consulting Service International (BICSI), Construction Specifications Institute (CSI), National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA), and Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA). Because RCDDs are vital for quality reassurance, they must consistently maintain their designation by meeting evolving education requirements.

Prepare Yourself for the RCDD Exam with our DD102 Course

The journey to becoming a certified RCDD is not easy and is often filled with numerous years of studying and working. One of the biggest challenges faced by RCDDs is the BICSI RCDD examination, which requires recertification every three years.

To fully prepare for this exam, BICSI highly recommends that exam candidates attend the DD102: Applied Best Practices for Telecommunications Distribution Design course. You can attend this 5-days course at TECLA, conducted by our BICSI Certified Trainers, to learn hands-on skill-building activities, practice with TDMM assignments, as well as share discussions on real-life scenarios and case studies.

The syllabus of this course includes:

   i. Codes, standards, and regulations

   ii. Telecommunications pathways and spaces

  iii. Backbone and horizontal distribution systems

  iv. Bonding and grounding (earthing)

   v. Firestopping

  vi. Telecommunications administration

 vii. Outside Plant (OSP) and campus cabling

If you have a minimum of two years of experience in low-voltage or cabling infrastructure system design and want to gain more knowledge or a comprehensive review of telecommunications distribution systems, then this course is for you.

TECLA offers both face-to-face classes and Virtual classes, depending on your preference and convenience. Sign up for our DD102 course now to prepare yourself for that elite RCDD designation today!

Email us: courses@tecnoviq.academy




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