The 4 Futuristic Ways 5G Can Change Our Lives

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The 4 Futuristic Ways 5G Can Change Our Lives

When we think of 5G, most people will imagine lightning fast loading times. Yes, instead of waiting minutes or even hours to download a movie, you can start watching it in seconds. In fact, 5G is expected to be at least x20 faster than 4G. 5G-enabled TVs can also deliver many times more pixels than HD and 4K TVs. 

But that’s not all 5G can do. Here are some of the possible, amazing applications of 5G that are already in the pipeline:

1) Self-Driving Cars

Road accidents kill more people than cancer globally and in Malaysia. Every minute, an accident happens- and every hour, a life is lost forever. In 2016 itself, there were 7, 152 deaths from road accidents. According to the Malaysian Institute Road Safety Research, 80% of accidents nationwide are caused by human error. 

What if we remove humans from driving? We can save up to 1.25 million lives annually.

But for self-driving cars to be fully autonomous, they will need to be able to communicate with the cars around them, as well as the sensors in traffic lights, road signs and pavements, to avoid accidents and navigate safely. And all these needs to be instantly – which is why the millisecond-level latencies 5G networks are essential. 

With 5G, self-driving cars are no longer just the stuff of sci-fi. And when driverless infrastructure is widely adopted, the roads will become less congested and the air less polluted. Google, Apple, Uber, BMW, Mercedes, Huawei and more companies are now racing to build their own self-driving vehicles.  

2) Education

Remember how we used to learn about animal cells from textbook pictures? Then how Youtube came along with educational, in-depth videos with voiceovers to explain? 

Maxis recently one-upped everyone using VR, under their 5G Demonstration Project in Langkawi, letting students immerse themselves and virtually explore the different parts of animal cells using their hands- while being remotely guided by a teacher based in KL. This shows how 5G can significantly improve digital learning, even for students in rural areas.

3) Telemedicine

Feeling unwell, but don’t feel like getting out of the house to the doctor’s? With 5G, you don’t have to. Virtual visits can be made possible with low-latency, HD-quality networks.

Prefer home care than hospital care? Implanted or wearable medical devices can help monitor your vitals and transmit them to healthcare providers instantly, allowing them to detect early warning signs of strokes, heart attacks or other life-threatening conditions. With 5G, medical care can be easily made more personalised.

Even telesurgery is possible- where medical specialists can control equipment remotely. In fact, in 2019, a surgeon in China actually managed to successfully remove part of a pig’s liver from almost 50 km away – using a 5G connection. 

4) Virtual Presence

As 5G is still in its infancy, it would be interesting to see what the world will be like when ultra high-speed deployments of 5G are commonplace. Perhaps, one day, instead of co-working spaces, colleagues all over the world will be able to work ‘side by side’ using AR telepresence apps. When there’s a worrying viral outbreak, sports fans can still watch the Olympics and experience the excitement of the crowd from their couches. We can also virtually browse through the shopping boutiques in Bangkok, virtually try on new clothes and have them shipped to our homes!

And these are just a handful of potential benefits 5G are already inspiring! What else can you think of?

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