Explore The World From Home

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Explore The World From Home

Do you miss the outside world, sights and sounds? Running out of ideas what to do at home?

Thanks to technology, you can still “travel” and see the world virtually, with the safety and comfort of your own home. The best part? It’s all FREE!

  1. Explore Different Continents with 360° Panorama photos

Credits: https://www.airpano.com/

Feast your eyes on beautiful places from all over the world… From the Swiss Alps in Zermatt, to the Zhang Jia Jie Glass Bridge in China, or even an underwater cave in Indonesia! Tune in to narrations describing the location if you’re interested. It’s truly amazing that you can see so much of a place- Zoom in to see small details, like the snow-paved road, as if you’re right there.

If you enjoy watching videos, you can also experience paragliding through their 360° videos, shot in 1st person view, while moving around the video while “paragliding”, to take in even more of the beautiful sights in Rosa Khutor, Russia!

  1. Watch Wild Animals In Their Natural Habitat

Credits: Explore.org

Are you a wildlife lover? Want to check out your favourite animals in their natural habitats? Peek into one of the hundreds of cameras set up in national parks and wildlife habitats all over the world. See close-up, real-time streaming of sharks swimming in their tanks or Africa’s wildlife roaming free in their habitats. You can try catching the northern lights, or bird watch from the comfort of your own home!

  1. Visit Museums and Admire Art

Credits: Google Arts & Culture

Your trip to Paris got cancelled because of COVID-19? Don’t be too upset, you can still explore the Versailles here. Skip the queues, forget the chaos and step inside must-see museums around the world, anytime, anywhere. The experience is almost like you’re exploring the museum physically – minus the crowd, as you get to toggle around with the viewfinder, choosing which exhibits you want to see next.

From the British Museum in London, to the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Seoul, pick a museum and start admiring the art from our greatest artists. Browse iconic monuments and tourist attractions in high resolution images.

  1. Enjoy the melodious harmonies and symphonies

Credits: Orchestras Online

Feeling like enjoying Mozart’s classical music, Beethoven’s symphonies or Rachmaninoff’s intense baroque music? Enjoy Detroit Symphony Orchestra’s past performances for FREE online now.

  1. Go virtual road-tripping

Credits: Google Maps

With the COVID-19 postponing all of your trips and making a dent in your travel fund, you might wonder when can you travel and explore the world again. You may not be able to see your travel destination physically, but you can still take a road trip with Google’s Street View, with its meticulously photographed neighbourhoods.

Whether you’re “driving” through French vineyards in Bordeaux or taking a trip on the infamous Great Ocean Road in Australia, indulge yourself with endless sceneries until you get to travel again. 

It’s definitely not easy staying at home, but it’s important to curb the spread of COVID-19. Thankfully, technology is here to help – we can still “explore” the world, even when we’re right at home. 

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